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Want to explore new moves with your partner, but don’t know how to ask? How can Pursuers approach and encourage their Withdrawer partner to open their mind to new things?

Pursuers can get discouraged themselves after being rejected time and time again; They assume it is a hopeless attempt and stop trying, eventually resulting in pain, distance, and resentment.

When we want variety or want to suggest something new to our partner, energy and enthusiasm can carry the day. When there is reluctance, a Pursuer needs to resist the wish to fall back and at least bring their heart and passion.

On the flip side, the partner receiving the request can really support their partner’s vulnerability at asking, with encouragement and responsiveness.  Unfortunately, when a sexual Withdrawer is the suggester, it can feel like just a drop in the bucket compared to all that has been longed for.  Instead of receiving the new suggestion with grace and gratitude, it often becomes an opportunity for the sexual Pursuer to complain and feel disappointed.

In order for Withdrawers to feel safe enough to initiate or try new things, Pursuers must acknowledge their effort and vulnerability – no matter how “small.”

Pursuers – in order to open a conversation about sexual variety, ask your partner what THEY want and need, and tell them what YOU want and need. With your heart and deep vulnerability.


Sex is one of the greatest adventures in a relationship. It makes us feel alive. It can connect our bodies, brains and hearts. In fact, sexual and emotional intimacy are intertwined; we need both to be happy. With too little eroticism – our relationship is dull and with too little emotional connection – sex is mechanical. Most of us don’t know how to find this balance. And talking about our sexual needs is so risky. We might cause a conflict; we might be judged; we might not even know what our needs are. Join us, as two expert therapists have a frank, fun and informative conversation to help you keep it hot! – Sex Therapist, Dr. Laurie Watson, PhD, LMFT


The best four letter word for intimacy is not fuck but talk. Swinging from the highs of passion to the lows of rejection, sex offers us plenty to engage with and talk about. It can trigger what is best and worst in our relationships. Yet most of us find it difficult to discuss – especially outside the bedroom. I want to take away the stigma of talking about sex and instead celebrate its glorious design to enrich our lives. To truly capture the opportunity for growth in intimacy – let’s talk about sex, baby!   – Couples Therapist, George Faller, LMFT

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