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174: Sexual Equality

Sometimes in committed relationship sex becomes unbalanced and the mutuality of the experience goes out the window. Join sex therapist and author Laurie Watson and couple’s therapist Dr. Adam Mathews as they talk about how to achieve a mutually satisfying relationship.

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Sexual Equality

We hear it all the time — treat others the way you want to be treated. So, why does this sentiment not hold up in the bedroom? In this episode, Laurie and Adam discuss what makes sexual equality, and what doesn’t.

Sexual equality can be defined as both partners sexual needs being met at equal levels. In unequal sexual relationships, one persons needs dominate over the others. Learn how and why this happens, and also how to fix it. Fixing sexual inequality in a relationship can extend into so many other areas of the relationship, for better overall satisfaction.

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Hosted By: Laurie Watson and Dr. Adam Mathews