You are currently viewing 176: Sex Game to Change the Game

176: Sex Game to Change the Game

Unhealthy power dynamics in relationships can hamper connection. Join sex therapist and author Laurie Watson and couples therapist Dr. Adam Mathews as they explore the pursuer-distancer dance through the lens of power.


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Sex Game to Change the Game

Are you a sexual distancer? Do you feel constantly pressured by your partner for sex? Are you tired of saying “no” to your partner? Does your sex life feel out of your control?

If you answered yes to any of the above — this episode is for you! Laurie and Adam introduce the idea of a Master-Servant sex game, which helps the sexual distancer in relationships feel in control by breaking the power dynamic established. It is not a kinky sex game, but a tool to establish a better sense of domincance for the distancer. This is not about the abuse of power, but is about consensually changing and experimenting with the pursuer-distancer dynamic. 

Learn how and why this works by taking a listen! 

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