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187: Sexual State of the Union

Talking regularly about the state of your sexual union is essential to achieving and maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship. Join sex therapist and author Laurie Watson and couple’s therapist Dr. Adam Mathews as they discuss how to accomplish a regular state of the union.

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Sexual State of the Union 

In this episode of Foreplay – Radio Sex Therapy, Laurie Watson and Dr. Adam Mathews discuss how to have a sexual state of the union talk between you and your partner. The State of the Union conversation is important but the State of the Sexual Union Conversation is important as well, and should be a regular conversation. They take a look at a couple, Abby and Phil, who never talk about sex, are dissatisfied, and feel sex is routine and boring. How can this couple alter their conversations for a renewed sex life? 

Laurie and Adam show listeners how to talk about sex, when the right time to is, and give expert tips on the different sexual styles. Find out your own sexual style and learn how to have a sexual state of the union by listening now! 

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