You are currently viewing 189: Interview with Erica Delong

189: Interview with Erica Delong

We have special guest Erica Delong! She joins Laurie and talks about being a female sexual pursuer. Find out what it’s like!


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In this episode of Foreplay – Radio Sex Therapy, Laurie Watson introduces us to Erica Delong, Morning Radio’s Sweetheart  and co-host of Bob and the Showgram on G105.1 for 10 years. She is found on iHeart Radio and is a Red Carpet interviewer for Oscars, Video Music Awards, Country Music Awards, Tony Awards, and New York Fashion Week. Amongst all of these things, she is also a sexual pursuer, wife, and mother of two! 

Laurie and Erica sit down to discuss what being a sexual pursuer is like, especially as a woman in the media. Get an inside perspective into the mind of a sexual pursuer, and learn more about how this happens. Seen as the “unicorn” of the sex world, Erica shows that female sexual pursuers have problems, too! 

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