Episode 285: Q&A: Sexual Crossroads—Breakthrough Or Breakup?

In this episode, we’re answering YOUR questions!! We find that the questions can be repetitive because couples are struggling with the same sexual and emotional issues… Let’s talk about a common theme we hear from our listeners: Willing vs wanting and sexual “crossroads.”

If you’re the person wanting and you approach your partner and all you get is willingness—you’re often going to feel rejected. If you’re the partner coming in with willingness, which may be all you’re capable of, and doing it in an act of trying to come closer—the message you might get from the wanting partner is that you’re doing it wrong. We can see a negative cycle just in those two words; And nobody’s doing anything wrong…they’re just set up to miss each other.

Couples find themselves at a sexual crossroads with two options: breakthrough or breakup. How can you avoid the latter and instead find an opportunity to connect on a deeper level both emotionally and in bed? People get separated and divorced… not because they don’t love their partner, but because the distance gets too great. The mistrust gets too great. They become stuck in the negative cycle. But you can BRIDGE that distance and have a breakthrough with higher levels of engagement, more love, and better sex!

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