Episode 284: 3 Tools for Better Communication—Reflect, Evocative Response, Validate

How can you better approach and communicate with your partner about your feelings and needs? Reflect, Evocative Response, Validate…

In this week’s episode, Laurie and George give you concrete tools and bridging exercises to build your connection and understand each other on a deeper level.

R- Reflection – You’re telling me how sex makes you feel alive in your body.

E – Evocative response – Can you tell me also what you feel about me in your heart when we have sex?

V – Validate – It makes sense that orgasm makes you feel merged with me and kinda one with the universe.

Starting these conversations opens the door to vulnerability; The goal is connection, not to solve the problem. When you experience success in that communication, that feeling of connection is what will eventually allow you to solve the problem.