You are currently viewing Episode 311: All The Feels – Sharing 5 Primary Emotions with Your Partner

Episode 311: All The Feels – Sharing 5 Primary Emotions with Your Partner

Let’s talk about five primary emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, shame, and disgust – feeling all of them is important, especially with your partner. Emotions are the language of the body. They say, “pay attention, something’s happening!” But so often we don’t pay attention, choosing, consciously or unconsciously, to disconnect…

We may have been raised in homes where anger was expressed in an unhealthy way, joy covered by a wet blanket, or shame used to control and manipulate our behavior. Regardless of how our childhoods taught us to relate to emotions, we can rewrite the script by creating healthy emotional attachments and responses.

While there are many tools we can use to do that, in this episode we’re going to talk about co-regulation and co-creation (“CoCo.”) And learn how to share and navigate emotions together.

If your loved one is excited, you match their excitement. If your loved one is angry, you honor their anger. Co-regulation is not co-dependency. Co-regulation does not say, “I feel happy only if you’re happy.” It says, “You feel happy, and I’m happy for you.” Co-regulation allows the witness to be there for their partner while also honoring their own emotions.

Most of the time, people don’t understand the emotion they’re in, and they need someone to support them in a curious and non-judgemental way. Co-creation allows partners to act as witnesses for each other. By asking questions and being present, the witness can help the emoter explore and deepen their understanding of their feelings.

Listen to learn how to apply ‘CoCo’ to your relationship and create positive shifts in your emotional and sexual cycles!