Episode 281: Anal Play—It’s Okay If You Want It; It’s Okay If You Don’t

Anal play, anal penetration, prostate stimulation or anal sex. While we may feel squeamish about this subject—the anus IS an erogenous zone charged with sexual nerve endings. It’s also a body part that from childhood we’ve been taught is contaminated and dirty. We may even feel shame about the anus. Especially we might feel shame about our desire to include it in our lovemaking and then never talk to our partner about these ideas.

We’re not trying to get you to try anything you don’t want to try. But George and Laurie are trying to get you to have a conversation about it. We want people to see the opportunity in these vulnerable conversations to share who they are. Even if you don’t get what you want, there is something important about knowing yourself and knowing your partner better. If we protect ourselves and don’t have these conversations, we ultimately have lower engagement in our partnerships.


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