Best Relationship Podcasts

Best Relationship Podcasts

Looking for the best relationship podcasts?

If you are in a committed relationship, you know that they are hard work. You may have even started searching for the best relationship podcasts to help you find answers to questions you have been too ashamed or embarrassed to ask.

We know that healthy communication is the key to a satisfying and intimate relationship for both partners. But what if you were never taught how to communicate your sexual or emotional needs?

Society sends us the message that men are supposed to automatically know what to do and women shouldn’t know too much when it comes to sex and pleasure. Exposure to porn, embarrassment, and not understanding our own needs are just a few of the blocks keeping couples stuck in a negative cycle of blame and withdrawal that can feel hopeless. You may even be left wondering whether or not you married the right person.

If this sounds like you, then tune in to Foreplay Radio. We are one of the best relationship podcasts where co-hosts and licensed marriage and family therapists Laurie Watson, PhD., and Greg Faller have real conversations about love and sex. Drawing on their decades of counseling experience, Laurie and Greg bring you concrete tools to help you experience more intimacy in your relationship. Foreplay Radio is more than just a relationship advice podcast, it’s a compilation of all the sex conversations you wish you had growing up and provides answers to your most burning sex questions.

If your relationship is starting to feel stale or you have lost your desire for sex, stop searching for “best marriage podcasts” or “dating podcasts” and tune into Foreplay Radio. We have a collection of over 200 episodes on our website so no matter where you feel stuck, we are guaranteed to have one of the best relationship podcasts for you.

What makes Foreplay Radio one of the best relationship podcasts?

There is no shortage of sex and relationship advice floating around on the internet. And as a society, we are constantly shown messages through marketing and entertainment about what sex, love, and relationships should look like. Unfortunately, those messages are often wrong. Our sex podcast is for people who want to have exciting sex and deep intimacy with one person—their spouse or partner. Unfortunately, maintaining an alive sexual relationship doesn’t come as naturally as you might think, despite what you see in the movies. Our goal is to provide our listeners with the tools to achieve true intimacy in their relationships.

We believe that sex can be one of the greatest adventures in a relationship and one of the most difficult topics to discuss. If you don’t have the tools for an honest discussion with your partner talking about sex can be risky. Through our work, we have found that people often stay quiet out of fear of causing a conflict, being judged, or not understanding our own needs.

Our mission is to take away the stigma of talking about sex to truly capture the opportunity for growth in intimacy. Sex makes us feel alive and connects our bodies, brains, and hearts.

In fact, sexual and emotional intimacy are intertwined. We need both to be happy. A relationship with too little eroticism can become dull and boring, Not having enough emotional connection with your partner can lead to sex being mechanical. Listen in as two expert therapists have a frank, fun, and informative conversation to help you keep it hot!

No topic is too taboo or off-limits. You will hear Laurie and George discuss the sex and relationship questions that they help their clients with every day. Topics such as frequency differences, low libido, love as the true adventure, female orgasm, pursuer-withdrawer dynamics, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male vulnerability, safe-haven relationships, sexual inhibition, speaking from the heart, and emotional closeness.

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