Episode 318: Desire After the Wedding Cake – Is Marriage An Anti-Aphrodisiac?

What happens to sexual desire after marriage?

Everything can change! Men are usually sexually consistent throughout the dating process and marriage. Women, on the other hand, are statistically more likely to switch from sultry to celibate after the wedding cake digests. Even women who were sexually engaged throughout the dating process can fizzle out once they embrace married life.

For husbands, the switch can be confusing, and so in this episode, we will try to iron out a bit of that confusion by digging into what it is about marriage that dampens sexual desire.

Research concludes that in dating and early partnership, what secures a woman emotionally is male sexual desire. 

Women rely on this primal sense from men that creates a feeling of being wanted. As far-fetched as it sounds, in early partnership, the man’s relative emotional availability is not meaningful in making her feel secure. What makes her feel secure is his sexual desire for her. In short, male desire drives female desire, but unfortunately, desire also has enemies.

While it’s easy to blame marriage, the byproducts of marriage–time and togetherness–are the real villains.

Listen as we talk about the real reasons for the shift in desire after marriage!

“Being desired is the best sexual orgasm for women.” – Meredith Chivers, Canadian sex researcher