You are currently viewing Episode 192: Faking Orgasms

Episode 192: Faking Orgasms

A certain proportion of women will fake an orgasm to reassure their partner. Laurie says this is short-sighted! Join sex therapist and author Laurie Watson and couples therapist Dr. Adam Mathews as they talk about why women fake orgasms and how to change.


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Faking Orgasms

In this episode of Foreplay – Radio Sex Therapy, Laurie Watson and Dr. Adam Mathews talk about a problem that some people don’t even know is happening in their relationship: faking orgasms. Did you know that there was research done that shows an orgasm perception gap where 85% of partners think their partner did orgasm, but only 64% did. As Adam points out, that shows 20% of people are misguided about how often their partner orgasms. 

Why do fake orgasms happen? What in our culture has caused this trend? How can you tell if your partner is faking it? How do you fix it? Answer all these questions and more in this new episode! 

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