Episode 261: The 5 Love Languages of Christmas

The holidays are busy for everyone! But you can’t forget to make time for your partner… Let’s talk about the 5 love languages and ways to express your love during the holiday season.

Gary Chapman’s five love languages describe how we receive love from others: Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, and Physical Touch.

Do you know your love language? What about your partner’s? We all want to feel loved and appreciated, but in different ways. We may be more responsive to certain love languages than others.

But, we need all five! If you put them all together, it gives room for major growth in your relationship. Little reminders can go a long way- simple things like helping wrap presents, taking over chores, sitting by the fire together and watching a romantic movie, telling your partner how much you appreciate them, mistletoe kisses or a massage! Listen to hear our suggestions on how to speak your partner’s love language during the holidays.