Episode 276: Longings Fulfilled—When Your Lover Loves You Back

Does your partner feel just outside of your grasp? Are you longing for a deeper physical and emotional connection? Pursuers and withdrawers have different needs and fears that need to be heard and understood… What do you long for?

Fulfilling each other’s needs and desires can bring you closer together, but you have to communicate and create the space for this to happen. Pursuers fear rejection and often feel like they’re being “too much.” They need to feel wanted and fought for. Withdrawers fear failure of “letting their partner down” which is why they are hesitant to engage. They need to feel acceptance and reassurance from their partner.

You have to meet each other halfway… Pursuers—create safety by expressing your longing for both sexual and emotional connection to your partner. Be attentive to their needs and give affirmation of their feelings. Withdrawers—you hold a lot of power and being willing to initiate can go a long way. Meet your partner with excitement and reciprocate a desire for deeper intimacy.

When the pursuers longings are finally met, it can be very healing for both partners. Enjoy the afterglow moment together!