You are currently viewing Episode 354: What The Sexual Withdrawer Can Do To Heal The Cycle – Stage 2

Episode 354: What The Sexual Withdrawer Can Do To Heal The Cycle – Stage 2

We’ve discussed the negative sexual cycle couples get stuck in and highlight just how important it is to name and tame it. As EFT therapists we know that de-escalating the cycle is the first step in moving partners from fighting one another to fighting the cycle together. In today’s episode we are talking about Stage 2 in EFT and the creation of a new, positive cycle. In stage two, the cycle is de-escalated, partners feel more on the same team and there is safety to begin exploring and expressing needs and longings to your partner. George and Laurie role play the needs a sexual withdrawer might have and the new moves they make to share with their sexual pursurer. In the role play, George comes away with three possible moves for the newly reengaged sexual withdrawer: permission to not be interested in sex tonight, reassurance if they struggle during sex and celebration if they are successful. If you are a sexual withdrawer you definitely want to listen to this episode. And pursuers, we didn’t forget you at all! We see how hard you work for the relationship and thank you for your patience. As you hear Laurie say, “Don’t tell me to calm down!” We’ll be back next week to talk all about pursuers in Stage 2!

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