You are currently viewing Episode 1: Female Orgasm-Her Big O

Episode 1: Female Orgasm-Her Big O

Female Orgasm – Her Big O

Female orgasm is the root of female desire.  Did you know most women need 45 minutes to reach her female orgasm? And most don’t reach orgasm through penetration?  Dr. Laurie shares the 20/20 solution for women to reach orgasm by easing into the sexual present and then enjoying 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation by manual stimulation, cunnilingus or vibrator. Join the discussion of how to get her there!

Dr. Laurie’s first male co-host (and the later others as well!) has never heard some of the most basic anatomy and physiology about a woman’s genitals and how to make her come. Even some women have written in to say, this was new information of quite a bit of relief to learn that they were normal!

Don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know this important information – most men don’t.  And it’s not their fault.  Women are socialized to keep their needs for touch to themselves even when their partners beg for information to make it good for them.  And men are not told in school, by their families or ever see in porn the real way women climax.

Female orgasm seems to still be a mystery even in our sex saturated culture. Our sex podcast Foreplay Radio – Sex & Couples Therapy gives you information you can depend on to be accurate, informational, frank and fun from Dr. Laurie Watson, PhD – Sexologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and licensed couples counselor.

This simple next 24 minutes will change your life as you finally hear the answers about how she peaks!  Listen up!

Her Big O

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