Episode 283: Finding A Sexual Flow State—Merging As One

Have you experienced a state of “flow” during sex? What is the correlation between flow and sexual satisfaction? A new research study by Jamea, E. N., McCaskill, L.A., & Needle, R. B. (2021) found that flow proved to be a significant positive predictor of both partner-focused and personal sexual satisfaction. In this episode, Laurie and George talk about how to find this sexual rhythm that will help you fall into each other, lose yourself in the moment, and merge together as one.

In general—how do we control happiness and contentment during sex? By entering the zone… Happiness requires a committed, intentional effort. When we become absorbed in a flow:

  • There’s a distortion of time – losing track of time, getting caught up in the present moment
  • A loss of self-consciousness and inner critic
  • Have a beautifully synchronized experience

Get in sync with your partner and have passionate, fulfilling, and BETTER sex!


Check out the article and research by Dr. Emily Jamea, Ph.D., LMFT, LPC!