Episode 308: Five Sexual Initiation Styles – Which Turns You On?

How do you initiate in the bedroom? 😉

George and Laurie explore (and joke!) about 5 different initiator styles: Seduction, Touch, Emotional Connection, Sex Talk and Power Play.

Which way do you like it best? Which way does your partner like it best? Does seduction begin with the way you drink your coffee in the morning like it does with Laurie? Are you missing each other because of a style difference?

You’ve probably heard of the five love languages; learning our love language and our partner’s allows us to receive and share love in a way that’s meaningful to each other. The concept of the five sexual initiation styles, as presented by Dr. Petra Zebroff, gives us language to explore sex in a similar way. By examining the initiations of seduction, touch, emotional connection, sex talk, and power play, we can better understand our own sexual initiation style and our partner’s. 

Find out which style you and your partner prefer to make a move!


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