Episode 292: Healing After An Affair

Affairs devastate the trust and connection in a committed relationship… Although healing after an affair is a delicate process and can feel impossible, we believe that recovery and reconnection is possible! What works best to restore the relationship and trust?

Acting out in an affair is often a sign of problems with the person’s life or relationship. A push/pull dynamic can fuel the infidelity…

While sexual betrayal strikes at the very heart of commitment, marriages and partnerships can often emerge stronger after an affair.

Two things are needed to heal the PTSD of the wounded partner before trust is restored :

1) A true sense of regret from person who acted out
2) Belief that it won’t happen again

Couples can then find meaning from this devastation and rebuild possibly strengthening areas that were never solid in the first place. Join sex therapist Dr. Laurie Watson and couples therapist George Faller, LMFT as they talk about the causes and how to recover from the pain of infidelity