Premature ejaculation – what is really the shame?

Premature ejaculation; it’s a terrific shame for young men. But as I listen to them, what I think is a shame, is no one helped them early. First off, no one told them – uhh, it’s going to happen your first time. Yep! For every guy. That’s normal. – Imagine all the excitement and nervousness of your first time, you should just go for broke and learn not expect anything else from your body (do expect to give later to give to your partner so she’s happy too!) A third of young men have PE because mostly, they have never gotten over feeling bad about the first time it happened So, what to do? Ask your partner to just massage your whole body. Do lots of starting and stopping so you can learn about different points of excitement. Separate orgasms rule! Her, then you. Or you, then her. Don’t withdraw in shame – tell her, “you’re so sexy, I just couldn’t help myself.” PS – easiest fix in sex therapy!