Show Notes for Becoming Clitorate: an Interview with Dr. Laurie Mintz

Interview with Dr. Laurie Mintz

Become cliterate in this episode of Foreplay – Radio Sex Therapy! In this episode, Laurie Watson has a chance to sit down with special guest, Dr. Laurie Mintz, who focuses on women and sexuality as a psychologist, tenured professor, and author of two books. Her latest book, Becoming Cliterate, is the focus of this episode, as the two discuss women’s pleasure and the orgasm gap. 

This episode features incredible statistics that come straight from the classroom of Dr.Mintz, where her female students have provided data to support the idea of the orgasm gap: the idea that women are having far less orgams during partnered sex than men. Dr. Mintz explainshow this relates to the overvaluing of intercourse and a devaluing of clitoral stimulation — the powerhouse to women’s pleasure.

Do you want to know how to please your woman? Take a listen to this episode to find out step-by-step from the experts!

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