Show Notes for July 2019 Mailbag

July 2019 Mailbag 

In this episode of Foreplay – Radio Sex Therapy, Laurie Watson and Dr. Adam  Mathews power through the North Carolina heat to answer listener’s questions and keep it hot! This episode focuses on two topics: problems with oral sex, and female sexual pursuer issues. 

The first listener, Eric, is having issues giving oral sex to his wife since she had a baby. Before the birth, she enjoyed oral sex and orgasmed often from it, but now is not the same. He also asks another question that is frequently asked on the podcast — how could I recommend my wife (a sexual distancer) listen to the podcast without being a typical pursuer? Our second listener, Alice, is having problems being a female sexual pursuer in a new relationship. Listen now to find out what insight Laurie and Adam have! 

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