Show Notes for Too Tired for Sex

Too Tired for Sex

Every day we wake up with a full plate. Most days start with a long to-do list that include taking care of any children, pets, careers, and somehow leaving time for yourself. These busy days of modern life take a toll on our bodies and minds, leaving so many people saying, “I’m too tired for sex tonight.” We are overstressed, overscheduled, and overstimulated….so when is there time for sex? 

Fall out of the modern life trap with Laurie Watson and Dr. Adam Mathews, who teach us how to make time for our partner in spite of exhausting schedules. Their voices resonate the importance of two simple phrases: You don’t have to keep up, and you are enough. Listen today to learn how to manifest this energy and translate it into a hot sex life, while still maintaining your other commitments.

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