Show Notes for Virgin Sex

Virgin Sex

In this episode of Foreplay – Radio Sex Therapy, Laurie Watson goes solo to give her best tips for virgin sex. The first time can be anxiety-inducing for both genders. Women may worry about pain, performance, or her physical appearance. Men may worry about their size, stamina, or smell. Laurie provides words of wisdom to calm these stressors and prepare a couple for their first time.

These ten tips take you through every step of the process, even beginning months before you have sex for the first time. Laurie lets us in a little-known secrets like: you shouldn’t even have sexual penetration on the night of your wedding. For virgins, this will be an incredible tool to have leading up to the big night. For nonvirgins, this episode is a great reminder of the basis of pleasure, and will make you giggle at what you wish you had known.

Find out now by listening to Episode 182 – Virgin Sex.

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