You are currently viewing Episode 305: “Still Face” In Bed – Rethinking Unresponsiveness

Episode 305: “Still Face” In Bed – Rethinking Unresponsiveness

Laurie and George discuss the ‘still-face’ experiments and how that shows up in the bedroom.

Still face – a look on our partner’s face that spells d i s c o n n e c t i o n!

Based on the seminal work by Ed Tronick, George and Laurie look at what this might mean when we see still face when we’re making love to our partner.

We have to get curious about what is going on for the partner giving the still face. Could be their face actually is showing their performance anxiety, or going inward with their focus to try and get aroused. Maybe they don’t realized that they’ve given their partner a message that they’ve disappeared.

For the partner observing, we understand it can be unnerving. Maybe it feels rejecting or maybe this partner worries that it’s a reflection on their bedroom skills.

Listen as Laurie and George suggest ways to get curious and open up a conversation about “still face.”

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