Episode 289: Strengthen Your Erotic Mind

How can you develop your erotic mind? The BRAIN is the best sexual organ we have! Engagement of the mind is important and developing eroticism can bring new energy into your relationship! Everyone has different erotic blueprints that they are able to build on.

Fantasizing about and longing for your partner leading up to the experience itself, builds anticipation – a major turn on. The unknown, “what could happen next?” feeling, common in the dating phase, that can be so exciting. Fantasies fuel arousal; They are great bridges into the moment. Sharing these fantasies with your partner and exploring them together – opens a new door to vulnerability… “What do you like?” “What do you think about?” – Get specific!

Reminder: It’s OKAY to fantasize, to let your mind wander… don’t judge your own thoughts, or your partners! Be open to vulnerability and use fantasies as an opportunity for connection. Strengthening your erotic mind will inevitably strengthen your bond and relationship.