You are currently viewing Episode 293: It Takes Two to Tango!

Episode 293: It Takes Two to Tango!

We often use the word “tango” in EFT in context of the cycles, patterns, or feedback loop that couples can get stuck in. How do you change that dynamic so you can “tango” together?

To break free from the negative cycle you have to see the interdependency – it takes effort, vulnerability, and engagement from BOTH partners. Change can’t happen without meeting each other halfway!

Pursuers and Withdrawers: What are some new moves to help you better understand each other’s needs and strengthen your emotional and sexual bond?

For both pursuers and withdrawers, acknowledging the attempts of your partner and making them feel heard and seen, is the key to changing the negative dynamic you are stuck in. You have to protect each other and always reward the vulnerability and risks of your partner!

Listen to Laurie and George discuss how to “tango” together!