Episode 310: The Three Roads of Connection – Is Your Relationship On the Right Path?

Let’s use the 3 road analogy to discuss the sexual and emotional cycles: the High, Middle, and Low Roads. Research highlights the importance of navigating all three roads for relationship success. The question is, how do we navigate them?

We’re putting all the pieces together in an exercise that will challenge your relationship and open the door to communication.

Balancing the High, Middle, and Low Roads within your relationship will require a conversation that isn’t for the faint of heart. In your relationship, attempting such a pointed conversation will probably come naturally if you are the Emotional Pursuer.

If you’re a Withdrawer, channel your inner Simon Cowell while expressing what you need to feel safe within the conversation. After all, clarity is kindness.

Listen to hear our 5 exercises that will engage you and your partner, and explore how each of you show up in the relationship!