Episode 290: Turnons and Turnoffs

All gas, no brakes!! We’re using our acronym B.E.S.T. sex to talk about turn ons and turn offs. What works, and what doesn’t work. Body, Emotional, Spiritual, and Thoughts… Use B.E.S.T. to be more intentional and find practical tactics to apply to your relationship.

B.E.S.T. sex is all about attunement! When your partner knows what you like, what you need, and how to touch you, that’s hot stuff! The best love is when you feel safe, safe enough to take risks and know you’ll still be accepting. A big part of great sex is to keep growing together, and the best lovers are vulnerable.

We’ve got some homework for you! Write down your turn ons and turn offs using the B.E.S.T. acronym and share them with your partner!