Episode 271: Vulnerability—Why Do Men Have a Hard Time Expressing Emotions?

Why do men struggle with expressing their emotions? Often they’ve spent much of their lives learning how to avoid feeling vulnerable at all costs—adhering to values such as toughness, assertiveness, logic, disciple, and confidence. They are trained to feel like expressing their emotions is a “weakness,” making them reluctant to embrace being vulnerable. How can we help men/emotional withdrawers open up and be vulnerable? 

As a partner, you can encourage vulnerability by creating safety. Make them feel comfortable by using the right language… A soft approach is important to reassure the withdrawer that they aren’t doing anything “wrong.” Being too pushy can make the withdrawer more defensive and retreat. When initiating a conversation, it should be an invitation—not an accusation.

Being vulnerable can take time… so pace it and celebrate the little wins! We want men/withdrawers to embrace the positive benefits of vulnerability to bring deeper intimacy! In this week’s episode, George and Laurie talk about the waves of relief men can experience when they finally open up and find out the benefits of being vulnerable.


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