You are currently viewing Episode 317: What Does An Orgasm Feel Like? Tips for Talking About the Big ‘O’

Episode 317: What Does An Orgasm Feel Like? Tips for Talking About the Big ‘O’

What does your orgasm feel like? An orgasm is so powerful – It’s almost indescribable!

In this episode we talk about how to put words to it! And give you tips on how to talk about orgasms with your partner. Laurie and George also open up about what their own experiences are like… Practicing what we preach – VULNERABILITY!

If your partner asked you to describe how an orgasm feels in your body, could you do it? Would you do it?

It’s difficult to find the words to describe the feeling and to explain what the body experiences during sex. Sex is, after all, a non-verbal language. However, that doesn’t mean we should resign to remaining non-verbal about sex. Working through the discomfort of such an intimate conversation can improve the quality of our sexual encounters and, subsequently, our romantic connections.

If you’re ready to talk about the big O, we have 5 open-ended questions you can use to keep the conversation flowing smoothly while improving the emotional connection you have with your partner.

The conversation isn’t meant to put pressure on either of you. The ultimate goal of sex is pleasure and connection, not orgasm. Instead, it’s intended to open the door to communication. It’s a way to explore how orgasms work and don’t work while encouraging intimacy. As the saying goes, “communication is lubrication.”