You are currently viewing Episode 307: The Yin and Yang of Sexual Energy

Episode 307: The Yin and Yang of Sexual Energy

What’s the Yin and Yang of sexuality and relationships and how do you find a balance between the two?

Yin is sensuality. It’s passive energy with elements of submission, softness, slowness, and intimacy. It’s the need to reach out to our partner and feel loved and connected. It allows us to accept our partner’s sexual advances.

Yang is sexually aggressive energy. It’s dominant, powerful, creative, hot, hard, and strong. Yang takes the lead and gives us the boost needed to be the sexual initiator.

Both Yin and Yang are needed for our sex lives to flourish. Both men and woman can have both energies. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Partners in relationships can both be dominant in one type, but we most often see opposites attract.

Too much Yang and perhaps there is not enough connection. On the other hand, when there’s too much Yin, the relationship might become sexless.

Combining Yin and Yang in the bedroom requires honoring our evolving natures. In the bedroom, that means honoring and asking, “Where am I now? Where is my partner now? What do I want now?”